OSEPA Departments

Our Departments

  1. Finance and Administration Department
  2. Pollution Control Department
  3. Research and Development Department
  4. Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
  5. Personnel Unit
  6. Accounts unit
  7. Stores Unit
  8. Transport Unit
  9. Land & Water Pollution
  10. Air & Noise Pollution
  11. Sewage & waste Management
  12. Monitoring
  13. Enforcement
  14. Compliance
  15. Media & Publicity
  16. Legal Services Unit
  17. Laboratory Services unit
  18. Information,  Communication Technology Unit
  19. Internal Audit Unit


  • Finance and Administration Department

The different Units in the Department are:

  1. Personnel
  2. Accounts
  3. Stores
  4. Transport Unit
  • Pollution Control Department

The different Units in the Department are:

  1. Land & Water Pollution Unit
  2. Air & Noise Pollution Unit
  3. Sewage & waste Management
  4. Provide guidelines on noise pollution control as well as issue noise permit in the State.


  1. Regulation on the Prohibition of Management and Handling of Used Oil and Oily Waste in the State;
  2. Carry out appropriate tests on insecticides, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals;
  3. Carry out public enlightenment and educate the general public on sound methods of environmental sanitation and management;
  4. Monitor and control disposal of solids, gaseous and liquid wastes generated by both government and private facilities in the State;
  5. Monitor and control all forms of environmental degradation from agricultural, industrial and government operations;
  6. Set, monitor and enforce standards and guidelines on vehicular emission;
  7. Survey and monitor surface, underground and potable water, air, land and soil environments in the State to determine pollution levels in them and collect baseline data;
  8. Promote co‐operation in environmental science and technologies with similar bodies in other countries and international bodies connected with the protection of the environment;
  9. Co‐operate with the Federal, State and Local Governments, statutory bodies and research agencies on matters and facilities relating to environmental protection;
  10. Develop appropriate legislation and standards for hazardous materials handling in the state;
  11. Regulations of activities of chemicals retailers and whole sales in compliance with environmental laws and standard;
  12. Issuance of chemical permit/license to the manufacture and marketers of chemical and allied products;
  13. Safe destruction of expired, obsolete and damaged materials and finished products;
  14. Monitoring, surveillance, assessment and investigation of incidence of chemical spills within the State;
  15. Inventorization of E-Waste within the State;
  16. Development of appropriate technology for safe management of E-Waste handling, storage, recovery, recycling, transport, control, treatment and disposal;
  17. Advocacy/Sensitization programmes on E-Waste, handling, storage, recovery, recycling, transport, control, treatment and disposal;
  18. Preparation and drafting of E-Waste regulation for the State; and Monitoring the activities of the Consultant in charge of E-Waste stockpiling.
  • Research and Development Department

Research and Development is vital to the Agency as it is the think-tank of the Agency. The different units in the department are:

  1. Planning & Budget
  2. ICT & Data Management
  3. Innovations


  1. The department keeps the Agency abreast of the latest development in environmental management;
    1. In addition, the department has the responsibility of preparing the Agency’s annual budget.
    1. It is responsible for conducting Environmental Audits (EAu) for existing facilities and reviewing all technical Reports for appraising facilities’ environmental compliance and Post Impact Assessment (PIA) for impacted areas for both private and public establishments;
    1. Consultancy services – Coordinate the procedure of operation for accredited consultant;
    1. Capacity building – Coordinate and facilitate the provision of technical and developmental training for staff;
    1. Environmental data gathering and coordination of activities of other departments;
    1. Facilitate the Agency’s participation in special events such as National Council on Environment (NCE), State Council on Environment (SCE), Trade Fairs, World Environmental Day and other environmental related programmes or commemoration relating to the environment.
    1. Drafting of standards, regulations and guidelines.
  • Monitoring, Compliance & Enforcements

The different units in the department are:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Enforcement
  3. Compliance


  1. Monitoring and controlling industrial activities to ensure compliance with environmental standards and guidelines of the Agency;
  2. Protecting health and welfare through public enlightenment and attending to public complaints through environmental investigations;
  3. Monitoring of packaged water facilities to ensure safe water production;
  4. Advocacy/sensitization of market men/women through pollution prevention approach;
  5. Carrying out environmental sanitation exercise every last Thursday of the month on all industrial facilities and markets;
  6. Sampling of water, air and noise at all industrial visits to ascertain compliance;
  7. Visits to filling stations for data assessments and inventorization of Petroleum Products Underground Storage Tanks (UST);
  8. Inspection of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to Iron and Steel facilities within Lagos State;
  9. Industrial visits to eateries, hotels, bakeries and agricultural outfits (large scale) to ascertain level of compliance to regulatory standards;
  10. Participating in World Environment Day Celebration every 5th day of June, annually.

Achievements so far

  • Stakeholders’ engagement with various categories of industries and relevant Agencies in the State.
  • Training Programme on “Building Capacities For Effective Compliance Monitoring Operations”.
  • Stakeholders’ meeting with Environmental Consultants.
  • Courtesy visit to Nigeria Metrological Agency (NIMET) State Director for partnership on weather observatory tool.