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Ondo State Environmental Protection Agency

OSEPA is the environmental regulator for Ondo State code-named “the watch dog of the State environment”. The Agency was created in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Section 11, 20 which States that “The State shall protect and improve the environment and safeguard the water, air, land, forest and wildlife of Nigeria”. The agency is also an offshoot of Ondo State Environmental Protection Agency Law 1993.

The main objective of the Agency is to protect and improve the environment. The Agency is to achieve this by working closely with public and private organizations, industries, business and non-governmental organization to achieve compliances by providing technical/ professional assistance to combat the myriad of environmental challenges within the State. The Agency will research into the quality of all water bodies in the State and establish a baseline data for references as well as carry out regular monitoring of the quality of underground, surface and potable water for public health safety.

What We Do

Our Success Story

Our Vision Our Mission Our Mandates Our Objectives Our Strategies Action Plan
OSEPA Vision

To develop appropriate technologies for the creation of a sustainable environment.

OSEPA Mission

To formulate enduring environmental strategies for the protection, preservation and restoration of the State’s eco-system as well as monitoring and mitigating pollution impacts.

Our Mandate 1:

We have the mandate of providing a conducive environment where people live in harmony with diverse and healthy natural systems, appreciate and enjoy our natural resources, work together responsibly to reduce waste and risk to human health and the environment and prosper without significant degradation of natural systems.

Our Mandate 2:

We are committed to maintaining a sustainable environment where people breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat safe food and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mandate 3:

We exist to providing a healthy, clean, and well protected environment that supports a sustainable society and economy.

Objective 1:

To encourage a productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment

Objective 2:

To promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and the health welfare of Ondo State people in general

Objective 3:

To enrich the understanding of the ecological systems and natural resources important to Ondo State

Objective 4:

To ensure the compliance of any development project with Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), State planning permits and regulations guiding development

Objective 5:

To prepare, or cause to be prepared by contract, an environmental impact statement on any major action it proposes or approves which may have a significant effect on the environment

Objective 6:

To carry out such other activities as are necessary and expedient for the full discharge of the functions of the Agency under this Law

Strategy 1

To deploy technology for the monitoring of environmental parameters i.e. air quality, clean water etc

Strategy 2

To enforce compliance with environmental laws, regulations and guidelines by the industries

Strategy 3

To reduce plastic pollution by encouraging re-use, refusal and recycling

Strategy 4

To make available emergency phone lines for public complaints and reporting

Strategy 5

Develop Policy guidelines for control of Noise pollution

Strategy 6

Aggressive Sensitization and Advocacy via Stakeholders Engagement and use of the media

Strategy 7

To create sampling points for periodic baseline data acquisition and monitoring across the State

Strategy 8

To establish an environmental data bank for reference information and evaluation

Strategy 9

To register and monitor chemical storage facilities across the State

Plan 1

Stakeholders engagement [February, 2022]- SEPA MGT

Plan 2

Collaborate with other State Environmental Protection Agencies [February, 2022]- SEPA MGT

Plan 3

Collaborate with the private sector to actualize the objectives of ODSEPA - SEPA MGT

Plan 4

Aggressive Sensitization and Advocacy through the use of media platforms [All year round] -Admin

Plan 5

Periodic engagement with environmental consultants with a view to getting their buy-in- SEPA MGT

Plan 6

Provision of three emergency phone lines for public complaints and reporting- SEPA MGT

Plan 7

Aggressive Monitoring and Enforcement activities [All year Round]- M&C, SEPA

Plan 8

Creation and Management of Environmental Data Bank [All year round] – R&D, SEPA

Plan 9

Registration of Chemical Storage facilities [All year round] –Pollution Control, SEPA

Plan 10

Declaration of Low-Emission Zones across the State [June, 2022]- SEPA MGT

Plan 11

CAP50, Section 5[a]&[b] of the 1993 SEPA Law empowers the Agency to seek funding/grants from both internal and external sources

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